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Assorted machines, frames and business cards in the Salt Lake Tattoo Archive.

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Left: Al Schiefley & DC Paul. Right: Paul Rogers tattooing Johnny Walker.

The two photographs above are from a Spaulding & Rogers collection of Polaroids that were distributed to close friends of the company. Over 100 photographs like these hang in the Salt Lake Tattoo Archive, in the back of The Cathedral Tattooing Co.  Many more can be seen at the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum, and in publications like The Rich Mingins Photo Collection.


Catalog from the Spaulding & Rogers Supply Company


Hand colored production sheet from the Spaulding & Rogers catalog.





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Our friends Jesse Gordon, of Inksmith and Rogers, and Sean Baltzell, of Tower Classic Tattooing, have released the first volume of their newest project. Eleven Fourteen is a collection of flash from over 180 tattooers around the world.

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L to R: Johannes, Sean, Marina, Tyler, Andy, Tron, Jake, Caz, CJ and Michael

We had a great time, with some great friends at the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention in February.